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Famous Inventors : Nationality or A - Z

A complete resource for you to research any famous historical inventor. Includes biographies, A to Z directory, timelines, sections on Australian, Chinese, Hispanic, Native American and more nationalities.
  1. Australian Inventions (7)
  2. Famous Belgian Inventors
  3. British Inventors
  4. Canadian Inventions (27)
  5. Chinese Inventions (18)
  6. European Inventors (138)
  7. Filipino Scientists (39)
  8. Hispanic Inventors (20)
  9. German Inventors
  10. Native American Inventions (4)
  11. Inventor Biography Sites (735)
  12. Inventions of France - F...
  13. Italian Inventors
  14. Swiss Inventors
  15. Russia - Russian Inventors
  16. Corporate Profiles (3)

American Inventors by State - American Inventions
Choose an American inventor by state.

Famous Inventors : A To Z
From Adams to Zuse, sites listed alphabetically by the name of the inventor. Use top index bar to navigate and select. The largest and most complete index on this website.

Top 10 Most Popular Inventors
You ask for them over and over... So I've put them together on one page for your convenience, the top ten most requested inventors.

American Inventors
Listed by state - famous inventions and inventors from the United States.

Asian American Inventors
A few of the contributions of Asian American inventors.

Canadian Inventors
Information on Canadian inventors and inventions, resources for professional inventors, historical timelines, Canadian patent holders, biographies and lesson plans.

Famous Inventors from the United Kingdom
British inventions made in the United Kingdom or made by a person of British citizenship.

Mexican Inventors
From birth control pills to color television Mexican inventors have contributed to creating many notable inventions.

Scotland's Inventors
The fruits of Scottish ingenuity.

Hungary - Hungarian Inventors
At the beginning of the 20th century, a generation of Hungarian scientists made a lasting impression on humankind. (ZoltᮠBay, DonᴠB᮫i, Ott󠔩tusz, Blᴨy, Imre Br󤹬 Jᮯs Csonka, Miksa D鲩, Lorᮤ E?s, Albert Fon󬠊󺳥f Galamb, ?rah᭠Ganz, Lᳺl󠈥ller, Jᮯs Irinyi, ?yos Jedlik, Gy? Jendrassik, KᬭᮠKand󬠔󤯲 KᲭᮬ IstvᮠKrusp鲩

Finland Invents
An article on a few of the major innovations created by Finnish inventors.

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