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Alfredo Santos


Alfredo Santos - Filipino Chemist

Alfredo Santos - Filipino Chemist

Drawing by Mary Bellis from Photo

Alfredo Santos - Filipino Chemist:

Doctor Alfredo Santos is a noted researcher in the chemistry of natural products, in particular the isolation and elucidation of the phaeantharine and other alkaloids from Philippine medical plants.

Alfredo Santos - Degrees:

  • BS in Pharmacy, University of the Philippines
  • Doctorate in Pharmacy, University of Santo Tomas
  • Doctorate in Philosophy, Westfalische Wilhelms Universitat Munster - 1929

Alfredo Santos - Awards:

  • 1953 - Outstanding Pharmacist Researcher of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Association
  • 1954 - Magsaysay's Distinguished Service Star
  • 1973 - PhilAAS Outstanding Scientist Award
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