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Luz Oliveros Belardo - Filipino Chemist


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Luz Oliveros Belardo:

Filipino chemist, Luz Oliveros Belardo researched the phytochemical properties of plants in the Philippines for natural products, essential oils, and the medicinal qualities. She produced thirty-three extractions of essential oils used for flavoring, scents, and herbal medicines.

Luz Oliveros Belardo - Education:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from University of the Philippines 1929
  • Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry University of the Philippines 1933
  • Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Connecticut 1957

Luz Oliveros Belardo - Major Awards:

  • Lunsford-Richardson Award in Pharmacy, USA, 1956
  • Philippine Pharmaceutical Association Outstanding Pharmacist Award, 1963
  • Federation International de Abogadas Award, 1979
  • Waseda University Plaque of Recognition, Japan, 1981
  • Professional Regulation Commission Award in Pharmacy, 1983
  • National Research Council of the Philippines Award in Phytochemistry, 1984
  • Distinguished Leadership Award in Chemistry, USA, 1985
  • El Consejo Cultural Mundial Award, Mexico, 1988
  • National Scientist in 1987
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