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William Padolina


William Padolina

William Padolina

Drawing by Mary Bellis from DOST photo

William Padolina:

William Padolina has served as the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology for the Philippines where he directed researchers and the private sector and enabled the growth of the Internet and e-commerce in the Philippines. William Padolina has also served as the Deputy Director General of the Philippines-based International Rice Research Institute.

William Padolina - Degrees:

  • BS (magna cum laude) in Agricultural Chemistry at the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) - 1968
  • PhD (botany/phytochemistry) University of Texas - 1973

William Padolina - Awards:

  • 1985: TOYM Award for Science and Technology
  • 1988: UP System Outstanding Administrator Award
  • 1989: PANTAS Award in Research Managemen
  • 1999: Philippine Legion of Honor, Rank of Officer

William Padolina - Quotes:

  • We need Filipinos to be highly literate in science and technology. Without this literacy, our people will become easy prey for our competitors that do not hesitate to take advantage of our ignorance.
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