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Inventing 101 - For Beginners

The very first and basic steps an inventor has to take written by the experts, Learn the relationship between patents and the market value of inventions, the need for counsel, the need for prior art searches and about being skeptical of invention promoters.
  1. How to Apply for Protection (57)
  2. Avoiding Scams (15)
  3. Inventor Clubs & Unions (48)
  4. Workshops & Seminars (5)
  5. Design & Safety Issues (24)
  6. Creativity & Innovation (22)
  7. Product Reviews (11)
  8. Prototypes (20)
  9. Glossary Definitions Terms (48)
  10. Reader FAQ (20)
  11. Escrito en Español (1)

Short Tutorials
Several brief how-tos that run down the basics on several key patent information and invention issues.

Patent an Idea
To patent an idea is a dream come true for the inspiring inventor.

Ten Top Ways to Fail as an Inventor
Don't waste your time and money - avoid the common pitfalls most inexperienced inventors make.

Inventing 101
I know nothing about inventing - what do I do to make money from my new invention ideas?

How do I Apply for a Patent?
A patent application is a legal document that you file with a patent office.

Do I Need a Patent, Trademark, or Copyright?
Basic questions for first time inventors on patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Primer
A student primer on intellectual property that includes the history of intellectual property, patents in brief, trademarks in brief, and copyrights in brief.

Interviews With Inventors
Professional inventors speak out on their lives and success stories.

Beginners Guide to Online Patent Searching
Step to step guides to online patent searches using the inventor's name, keywords, or patent numbers.

Beginners Guide to Invention Assessment
Getting an invention assessment serves two main purposes: one, you find out if it is worthwhile to put more money into a certain idea and two, when you are trying to raise venture capital, sell or license your ideas, you will be ready with the hard business facts that can impress a potential investor or buyer.

Invention Company Promotion Firms and Avoiding Scams
Many inventors pay thousands of dollars to companies that promise to evaluate, develop, patent, and market inventions... and then do little or nothing for their fees.

Inventors Help on Patenting, Marketing, and Inventing
Articles on patenting, marketing, and inventing written by experts in their fields - provides inventors help.

New Inventions - Advice, Tutorials, and Tips
We all need to learn the basics, here they are in one handy place.

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