1. Money

Selling Ideas - How to Fund, Market, or License

During the invention process an inventor needs to raise capitol. Funds are needed from the time of the initial concept, during development, for patenting, and for commercialization. You might want to go into business for yourself and start a company to profit from your invention. or license and sell your patent rights. Business activities are numerous and varied because they basically include everything needed to get a product off the drawing board and into the hands of the customer.
  1. Getting Royalties & Lump Sums (27)
  2. Grants (8)
  3. Venture Capitol (13)
  4. Make a Great Sales Pitch (27)
  5. Business Plans (8)
  6. Marketing Plans (8)
  7. Promote Yourself on Inventors (1)
  8. Be a Better Entrepreneur (17)

Introduction - Making Money
What do I do to make money from my invention ideas? The different paths an inventor could follow. Is selling an invention outright best? Can you handle manufacturing, selling, or marketing your own invention?

Different Ways to Fund an Invention
An introduction to invention funding illustrating several different sources to borrow or raise funds and bring your idea to the marketplace.

The Business Plan for Independent Inventors
Are you setting up a small business in connection with your inventing? Use a business plan with a marketing plan.

Marketing - What Is Marketing?
Marketing activities and strategies result in making products available that satisfy customers while making profits for the companies that offer those products.

Promote Your New Invention or New Idea
Selected inventions will be displayed on the Inventors.about.com website See submissions

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