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Famous Inventors : Listed With Names and Full Descriptions
The great inventors listed with names and full descriptions.

Charles Martin Hall

Lloyd Augustus Hall

Joyce C Hall

Robert Hall

Sir William Hamilton

Thomas Hancock

Ruth Handler

William Edward Hanford

James Hargreaves

Joycelyn Harrison

Elizabeth Lee Hazen

Milton Hershey

Heinrich Hertz

Lester Hendershot

Beulah Henry

Joseph Henry

William Hewlett

Rene Alphonse Higonnet

Wolf H Hilbertz

Lance Hill

James Hillier

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin

Marcian (Ted) Hoff

Paul Hogan

John Holland

Herman Hollerith

Richard M Hollingshead

Krisztina Holly

Marcian Hoff

Robert Hooke

Erna Schneider Hoover

Grace Hopper

Grace Murray Hopper - Biography

Grace Hopper - Quotes

Eugene Houdry

Elias Howe

David Edward Hughes

Walter Hunt

Christian Huygens

Synthetic Marijuana
John Huffman is the reluctant inventor of synthetic marijuana and doesn't understand why anyone would want to smoke it.

Donald Fletcher Holmes

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