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Definition Drawing


Definition Drawing

Trademark Drawing


For Patents

Drawings or patent drawings are visual diagrams of an invention that are filed with patent applications. Patent drawings are there to offer understanding of how the invention works and to point out what is novel or new about an invention. Special rules apply to the preparation of patent drawings.

For Trademarks

The "drawing" depicts the mark the applicant hopes to trademark register.
  • In an application based on actual use, the drawing must show the mark as it is actually used, i.e., as shown by the specimens.
  • In the case of an application based on a bona fide intention to use, the drawing must show the mark as the applicant intends to use it.
  • In the case of an application based on a foreign application or foreign registration, the drawing must depict the mark as it appears or will appear on the foreign registration.
The applicant cannot register more than one mark in a single application. Therefore, the drawing must display only one mark.

Even if you submit a specimen the drawing is still required. A trademark drawing is required in all applications, and is used by the USPTO for several purposes, including printing the mark in the Official Gazette, and ultimately, on the registration certificate itself. Specimens, on the other hand, are required as evidence that a mark is in actual use in commerce.

Also Known As:
  • Patent Drawing
  • Trademark Drawing
  • Trademark Illustration
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