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Top Gift Books for Invention Lovers


Want to know what to give an inquiring mind for Christmas or any other special occasion? How about a book about inventing or inventions. We have selected gifts perfect for every occasion. Books suitable for gadget lovers, African American history buffs, aspiring inventors, children and adults.

1. 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions

101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions
W W Norton & Co Inc
By Kenji Kawakami and Dan Papia - "Chindogu" is the Japanese word for the art of the unuseless idea, a phrase invented by the master of whacky gizmos, Kenji Kawakami - The best coffee table book of gadgets and gizmos ever written, with gorgeous photos.
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2. The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions

The Big Bento Box Of Unuseless Japanese Inventions
W W Norton & Co Inc
Presents a collection of two hundred humorous and eccentric inventions from Japan, from the Drymobile and the Solar-Powered Torch to Duster Slippers for Cats and Walk 'n' Wash Ankle-attachable Laundry Tanks.
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3. Gadgets and Necessities

Looks at the history of household products, including air conditioners, clothes dryers, jar openers.
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4. African American Inventors - Black Stars

African American Inventors - Black Stars
John Wiley & Sons Inc
By Otha Richard Sullivan/James Haskins - This book sets the history records straight by being full of the biographies of distinguished black inventors from the 19th and 20th centuries - highlights include Granville T. Woods (electric railroad) and Jan Matzelinger (affordable shoes).
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5. Black Pioneers of Science and Invention

By Louis Harbor - Biographies of fourteen prominent African American scientists and inventors - including Benjamin Banneker (farmers' almanac), George Washington Carver (farm innovations), and Granville T. Woods (electric railroad). Very reasonably priced.
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6. Samuel Todd's Book of Great Inventions

By Samuel Todd - The "Book Of Great Inventions" focuses on the inventions we all take for granted but could not live without, the inside story and concepts behind the great inventions of history, including, planes, cars, trains and telephones. Very reasonably priced.**
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7. Patent It Yourself

By David Pressman - Written by a patent attorney and former patent examiner, comes complete with filing forms and step-by-step instructions. For those of you wishing to undertake the challenge to "Patent It Yourself" this is your guide and the most highly recommended book of its' genre.

8. Patently Female

By Ethlie A. Vare/Greg Ptacek - Written by the authors of "Mothers of Invention", this second collaboration on the history of women inventors even exceeds the first. Has information which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else.
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9. Patent to Profit

By Bob Dematteis - Read in layperson terms all about the invention development process. This book is a road map to success. Dematteis is a promarketing expert who teaches you how to evaluate your invention's merits and its sales potential with an expert you know and trust.
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10. The Idea Logbook

By Tom Rauscher/Cathie Kennedy - This is a guide book to what to do with your great ideas. How to develop and market them into a profit. Learn about invention prototyping, patenting and marketing. Included are chapters on venture capitol and the raising the all important seed money.
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