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Kid Inventions - Inventions for School


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Kid Inventions - Inventions for School
Kid Inventions - Inventions for School
We are proud to present a showcase for kid inventions from children K-6 chosen from the Kid's Forum at Blue Print Earth. We hope you enjoy the ideas expressed here and join us in supporting the next generation.



This invention will suck up oil caused by oil spills and oil tankers, and pump it into a pipe going to an oil refinery. This device can be placed under ships and rigs, so when the oil spills, someone presses a button, and the device goes shooting in the direction of the oil, sucks it up, carries it to the pipe. These pipes are located in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. The device can carry a lot of oil at 500 km per hour, so it reaches the pipe fast. This invention will help save species from dying out by the oil not reaching them, and keeps the ocean clean. $750 PIPE: For each ocean $2,500

Young inventors - Overseas Children's School

Contact teacher: Arnav Manchanda

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