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SMOKE SUCKER, Solar Powered Pollution Vacuum, Child Abuse Stoppers


Jack and Jason
Buy your SMOKE SUCKER at only $1000 dollars! It will suck up smoke from your house and all over your town. Your community will thank you. The SMOKE SUCKER is about the size of a satellite dish. Don't worry we will install it free. If you buy now we will send you a FREE, yes free mini-SMOKESUCKER for the inside of your house. So, help save the world and order it now.

Created by kid inventors Jack and Jason - Delmar Elementary School

Solar Powered Pollution Vacuum

Our invention is made to clean up streets, oceans, beaches, and parks. It will not harm any objects or people. It is programmed to only take loose garbage that is littering the area. It is unbreakable. It also cleans up oil pills and sidewalks. All garbage is sorted into two sections: recyclable and non recyclable. The non-recyclable part will go to the nearest dump and the other part will go to the transfer station. The price of it is $1500.

Created by kid inventors Dan and Andrew - Peck Place Elementary

Child Abuse Stoppers

We could use beepers that all kids ( 3 to 15 years of age ) and all policemen would wear. Each would have your name, number, and address on it. If kids were in child abuse trouble, they could just press a button and it would automatically alarm the policemen. On all police beepers there would be a screen to tell the kid's address and name that is beeping them so the police would know where to go. This invention will help stop child abuse. Get them at any nearby store. They're only one hundred dollars each! Great and affordable for the safety of your children!

Created by kid inventors Kristen and Melissa - Peck Place Elementary

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