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Kid Inventions


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Kid Inventions - Chimney Filter, A Stop To Robberies
Kid Inventions

We are proud to present a showcase for kid inventions from children K-6 chosen from the Kid's Forum at Blue Print Earth. We hope you enjoy the ideas expressed here and join us in supporting the next generation of kid inventors.

Kid Invention - The Chimney Filter

This invention is the best one we made. You need half your money for it - $5.000 - But it is worth all you have!

We have made a chimney with a filter, which should be able to clean the smog.

  1. filter
  2. filter
  3. filter
  4. propellers that help the smog getting up
  5. wires
  6. new smog
  7. clean smog
  8. roof
Kid Invention Made by Hvide Sande Skole - Contact teacher Erik Mikkelsen

Kid Invention - A Stop To Robberies

There are so many robberies in the world today and no one knows how to stop them from happening. So I made up the machine that can stop robberies from happening without someone getting hurt or involved.

Here is how this machine will work: When someone comes into your store the machine's metal detector tells you if the person has any guns, knives, or anything that could harm someone. If this person may become defensive, this machine has a gun inside that shoots string to wrap around the robber. After the robber is tied up as much as the machine thinks this person needs to be, the robber will be thrown into a cage and the police will take care of the rest.(No Photo)

Kid Invention Created by Andrea and Theresa of St. Julie Billiart, Contact teacher Jean Stringer

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