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"I got my start by giving myself a start." - Madame CJ Walker. Born in 1867 in poverty-stricken rural Louisiana, Madame Walker was the daughter of former slaves, she was orphaned at the age of seven, and survived by working in the cotton fields of Delta and Vicksburg, Mississippi. Madame Walker and Marjorie Joyner revolutionized the hair care and cosmetics industry for African American women early in the 20th century.
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Portrait of Madame CJ Walker Portrait of Madame CJ Walker Madame CJ Walker's House (Villa Lewaro) Irvington-on-the-Hudson, New York, circa 1987. Madame CJ Walker's House An advertisement for Madam CJ Walker's productsAdvertisement for Madam CJ Walker's Products Madame Walker - Beauty Ad Madame Walker - Beauty Ad
Madam C.J. Walker PreparationsMadam C.J. Walker Preparations

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