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Segway Human Transporter

The mystery known as Ginger


Ginger Patent

Ginger Patent

The following article was written in 2000 when the Segway Human Transporter was a mysterious invention known only by its codename Ginger.


A book proposal has heightened the intrigue about a secret invention touted as being bigger than the Internet or the PC and Dean Kamen is the inventor. The article states that Ginger is not a medical device, even though Kamen has created many medical innovations. Ginger is supposed to be a fun invention that comes in two models, Metro and Pro, will cost about $2000 and be an easy sell. Ginger will also revolutionize city planning, create an upheaval in several existing industries and may be an environmentally friendly product. The world has a new buzz. Dean Kamen, a renowned inventor and visionary who holds more than 100 US patents, has invented a breakthrough device, code named Ginger.

My best guess, after looking over the patents Dean Kamen now holds and after reading about the inventor, is that Ginger is a transportation device that flies and requires no gasoline. My impression of Mr. Kamen is that he is an inventor in the best sense of the word - his inventions improve lives and the man cares about the future welfare of the world. Whatever Ginger really is, my intuition tells me that Ginger will make the impact that all the "hype" claims it will.

Mysterious Ginger May be a Scooter

The mysterious, purportedly world-changing device that has caught the attention of the technology industry may be something as simple as a scooter.

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