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Timelines of Invention and Technology

Invention and technology timelines tell the history of famous 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century events.
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Timeline of Electronics
Timeline - important events in the history of electricity.

Timeline of Inventions
Timeline of technology and inventions - complete with leads to detailed articles and photos.

Modern Inventions
A timeline of 21st century modern inventions of 2000 and beyond

Top Inventions of 2008
New inventions of 2008

Top Inventions of 2009
New inventions of 2009 include: a new computer interface called the sixth sense

20th Century Timeline 1900 - 1999
20th century inventions - the science and technology behind the modern age.

19th Century Inventions 1800 to 1899
The invention of useable electricity, steel, and petroleum products during the 19th century lead to the growth of railways, steam ships, faster and wider means of communication, and inventions with names we all know today.

18th Century Timeline 1700 - 1799
The 18th century saw the widespread replacement of manual labor by new inventions and machinery.

17th Century Timeline 1600 - 1699
By the end of the 17th century, a scientific revolution had occurred and science had become an established mathematical, mechanical, and empirical body of knowledge.

16th Century Timeline 1500 - 1599
The 16th century was a time of unprecedented change, the very beginning of the modern era of science, a time of great exploration, religious and political urmoil, and extraordinary literature.

15th Century Timeline 1400 - 1499
The 15th century marked a return to research, learning, and the spread of knowledge after the Dark Ages.

Middle Ages Timeline 1000 - 1399
While there was a suppression of knowledge and learning, the Middle Ages was a period full of discovery and inventing.

Timeline - The History of Transportation
The history of transportation innovations - cars, bikes, planes, and more.

The History of Communication
The history of communication innovations including: the telephone, television, printing, computers, Internet, and more.

The History of Computers
A history of computers and the inventors involved with each computer milestone, includes detailed history features.

Rockets - Leaving Earth Behind
Timeline of rockets - 3000 BCE - 1989 AD

Timeline - Evolution of Submarine Design
The following timeline summarizes the evolution of submarine design, from the submarine's beginning as a human-powered warship to today's nuclear powered subs.

Photography and the History of the Camera
Timeline of the history of photography

Timeline of the Life of Thomas Edison
One of the world's most prolific inventors.

Biography Timeline - Emile Berliner
Biography timeline of Emile Berliner - inventor of the gramophone.

Timeline of Alexander Graham Bell: 1847 to 1922
Timeline biography and photos of Alexander Graham Bell 1847 to 1922.

Electricity - Electronic Inventions
Timeline - important events in the history of electricity.

Nuclear Power
A timeline of nuclear innovations and famous figures in radiation history and the building of the atomic bomb

History of Television Timeline
Television was not invented by a single inventor, instead many people working together and alone, contributed to the evolution of television.

The History of the Incandescent Lightbulb
Timeline outlining the development of the lightbulb.

Dash Dot Dash
Timeline on the life of Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse code and the improved telegraph.

Timeline of Microscopes
A detailed timeline that covers the history of microscopes.

Significant Dates in Post Office History
History of the United States Post Office service

Timeline of photovoltaics

Soft Drink History
A timeline of soft drink history including coca cola and pepsi cola - the inventors and history behind pop.

Atomic Clock History
A timeline of the history of atomic clocks.

Electricity Milestones
Timeline - important events in the history of electricity.

The History of Plastic
The history of plastic - different types - timeline of plastics.

The Evolution of Submarine Design
The evolution of submarine design.

Textile Industry and Textile Machinery
Timeline of the textile machinery developed during the Industrial revolution.

Understanding a Robot
What is a robot and the history and timeline of robotics.

The History of Chewing Gum and Bubble Gum
A little chewing gum history from Thomas Adams tire chicle to the Diemer bubble gum.

Timeline of Chocolate
The culture of the cocoa bean.

A Short History and Timeline of Gas Turbine Engines
How engines evolved.

History of the Electron Tube Highlights
History of vacuum tubes.

World History : Hyper History
Hyper History presents 3000 years of world history with a combination of colorful graphics, lifelines, and maps.

History of Technology : 1752 - 1990
From Benjamin Franklin's lightning rod to the Hubble Space Telescope, this timeline covers some of America's greatest technological innovations.

Technology History
Ken Polsson of Victoria, BC is famous for his timeline on the personal computer, but he has also written chronologies on the Chevrolet Corvettes and A & W Root Beer, among others.

Telecomunications History
The following chronology is provided by Webb & Associates and covers the history of telecommunications between the late 1800s until today.

History of Western Technology
Timeline of technology covering 700 B.C. to 1950.

American Industry
How did technological innovation impact the United States after the Civil War?

Carbons to Computers Historical Timeline
A timeline of the technology that created the modern American office.

Emergence of Advertising in America - 1850 to 1920
This timeline includes selected events in business technology, media, marketing, and advertising for the decades covered by this project.

Technology Timeline
Brief reports on the highlights of technology from 1600 onwards.

The Encyclopedia of World History
Renowned historian Peter Stearns and thirty prominent historians have combined their expertise over the past ten years to perfect this comprehensive chronology of more than 20,000 entries that span the millennia from prehistoric times to the year 2000.

PC and Game History

Timeline of IBM History
A timeline of the major achievements of IBM.

Top Inventions of 2011
New inventions of 2011 include the light field camera, the world's smallest printer, and an electronic blood hound.

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