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December Calendar

December Calendar of Famous Inventions and December Birthdays


cotton gin

Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin was born on December 8 1765

Mary Bellis
Find out what famous event happened today in history during the December calendar concerning patents, trademarks, or copyrights. What famous inventor has the same December birthday as you or what invention was created on that day in December.

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December Calendar

Find out what famous event happened on the December Calendar for history concerning patents, trademarks, or copyrights. What famous inventor has the same December birthday as you.

December 1

1948 "Scrabble" the board game was copyright registered.
1925 MR PEANUT was trademark registered.

December 2

1969 Patent #3,482,037 was granted to Marie V.B. Brown for a home security system.

December 3

1621 Galileo perfected his invention of the telescope. 1996 James and Jovee Coulter patented a glow in the dark glove.

December 4

1990 Patent #4,974,982 was granted to Thomas Nielson for a "keyring pocket pen."

December 5

Chiclets gum was trademark registered.

December 6

1955 The car Volkswagen was trademark registered.

December 7

1926 KEEBLER was trademark registered.
1761 Madame Marie Tussaud, the creator of the first wax museum was born.

December 8

1970 Count Chocula was trademark registered.
1765 Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin was born.

December 9

1924 WRIGLEY'S gum was trademark registered.

December 10

1896 Alfred Nobel died. The Nobel Prize ceremony is held on this date.
1996 BED IN A BAG was trademark registered.

December 11

1900 Ronald McFeely obtained a patent for a shoe making machine.

December 12

1980 The Computer Software Act of 1980 defined computer programs and clarified the extent of protection afforded to computer software by law. Software was now considered an invention and could be patented.

December 13

1984 Artificial heart recipient William Schroeder suffered his first stroke.

December 14

1926 TILT-A-WHIRL was trademark registered. TILT-A-WHIRL is the famous theme park ride.

December 15

1964 Patent #3,161,861 was granted to Kenneth Olsen for "magnetic core memory" (first used in a minicomputer.) - History of Computer Memory

December 16

1935 The movie "A Tale of Two Cities" was copyright registered.

December 17

1974 The one millionth trademark registered was issued to Cumberland Packing Corp, for a simple G clef and staff design used on "Sweet'n Low".

December 18

1946 The first television network dramatic serial "Faraway Hill" ended after a two month run.

December 19

1871 Mark Twain received the first of his three patents for suspenders.

December 20

1946 "The Yearling," a movie based on the novel by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, was copyright registered.
1871 Albert Jones of New York NY, patented corrugated paper.

December 21

1937 Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was copyright registered.

December 22

1877 The "American Bicycling Journal" began publishing in Boston, Mass.
1998 THE ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW trademark was registered.

December 23

1879 Thomas Edison patented a magneto-electric machine.

December 24

1974 Charles Beckley received a patent for a folding chair.

December 25

1984 L.F. Holland patented an improved trailer aka mobile home.
Merry Christmas

December 26

1933 Edwin Armstrong was granted a patent for a two-path FM radio.

December 27

1966 The words from the theme song for "Star Trek", were copyright registered. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry.

December 28

1976 Patent # 4,000,000 was issued in to Robert Mendenhall for a process for recycling asphalt compositions.

December 29

1776 Charles Macintosh, the Scottish inventor, was born. Macintosh patented the first water-proof material. The mackintosh raincoat was named after him.

December 30

1851 Asa Griggs Candler was born. Candler was a businessman who bought Coca-Cola from the original inventor and made the softdrink famous.

December 31

1935 A patent for the game "Monopoly" was received by Charles Darrow.
Poppin' the Cork - New Years Eve

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