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February Calendar

February Calendar of Famous Inventions, Trademarks, Copyrights, & Patents


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Find out what famous event happened on the February calendar concerning patents, trademarks, or copyrights. What famous inventor has the same February birthday as you or what invention was created on that day.

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February Calendar

Find out what famous event happened on the February Calendar for history concerning patents, trademarks, or copyrights. What famous inventor has the same February birthday as you.

February 1

1788 The first US patent for an improvement to steamships was issued to Isaac Briggs & William Longstreet.
1983 Matthews, Tansil and Fannin obtained a patent for a digital voice mail system.

February 2

1869 James Oliver invented the removable tempered steel plow blade
1965 Alfonso Alvarez received a patent for "dual-vent windows".

February 3

1690 The first paper money in America was issued in the colony of Massachusetts.
1952 The first episode of the TV program "Dragnet" was copyrighted.

February 4

1824 J. W. Goodrich introduced the world to the first rubber galoshes.
1941 Roy Plunkett received a patent in for "tetrafluoro-ethylene polymers" (TEFLON)

February 5

1861 Samuel Goodale patented the first moving picture peep show machine.

February 6

1917 SUNMAID raisins were trademark registered.
1947 Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life" was copyrighted.

February 7

1804 John Deere, pioneer manufacturer of agricultural implements was born.
1995 Larry Gunter and Tracie Williams received a patent for a personalized interactive storybook

February 8

1916 Charles Kettering received a patent for a self-starting automobile engine.

February 9

1811 Robert Fulton was granted a patent for the practical steamboat

February 10

1976 Sidney Jacoby was granted a patent for a combination smoke and heat detector alarm.

February 11

1973 National Inventor's Hall of Fame was founded -- on the anniversary of Thomas Edison's birth in 1847.

February 12

1974 Stephen Kovacs received a patent for a magnetic heart pump.
1983 The circular thing that keeps the pizza from hitting the inside of the box top (called a "package saver") was invented by a guy from New Jersey.

February 13

1979 Charles Chidsey received a patent for male baldness solution.

February 14

1854 Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson patented a firearm.
The 14th is also Valentine's Day and someone has patented romance.

February 15

1972 William Kolff obtained a patent for the soft shell mushroom shaped artificial heart.

February 16

1932 James Markham received the first fruit tree patent for a peach tree.

February 17

1827 Chester Stone patented a washing machine.

February 18

1879 Auguste Bartholdi was granted a design patent for the Statue of Liberty.

February 19

1878 Thomas Edison received a patent for the phonograph.

February 20

1846 John Drummond was granted a patent for molds for the manufacture of candles.
1872 Luther Crowell patented a machine that manufactured paper bags.

February 21

1865 John Deere received a patent for ploughs.

February 22

1916 Ernst Alexanderson was issued a patent for a selective radio tuning system.

February 23

1943 The song "As Time Goes By" from the movie Casablanca was copyrighted

February 24

1857 The first perforated United States postage stamps was delivered to the government.
1925 HIS MASTER'S VOICE was trademark registered

February 25

1902 John Holland was granted a patent for a submarine.

February 26

1870 The first New York City subway line opened. The short-lived line was pneumatic powered.
1963 HOBIE surfboards trademark registered in 1963

February 27

1900 Felix Hoffman patented acetyl salicylic acid aka aspirin.

February 28

1984 Donald Mauldin received a patent for a knee brace.

February 29

1860 Herman Hollerith the inventor of the first electric tabulating machine was born on a leap year.
1972 KOOKY DOODLES were trademark registered

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