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Toy Designing and Game Inventors

Basic steps and guides for toy and game design, including safety and game design guidelines, toy manufacturers and interviews with successful toy designers.
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Toy Fair 2009 Winners
The best toys of toy fair

What Kind of Intellectual Property Protects Toys
Toy makers can obtain various types of intellectual property protection depending upon the type of idea or invention.

Famous Toys
The history and stories behind several toy inventions - how some toys were invented, how others got their names and how famous toy companies began.

How to Sell a Million Board Games
Interview with Tim Walsh - board game inventor and designer whose success includes Tribond with over one million copies sold.

Toy Industry Hall of Fame
Since 1985, toy and game design inventors have been honored in the TMA's Hall of Fame.

The Art of Toys - For Students
Toy makers can obtain various types of intellectual property protection depending upon the type of idea or invention.

Toy and Game Design Guidelines
Great tips for inspiring inventors of games and toys, i.e. Be conscious of safety issues. Hasbro will not sell a toy or game which utilizes a latex balloon.

History of Tetris
Tetris originated in Russia around 1985 and was never patented, at the time intellectual property rights were not established in then communist Russia for private individuals.

Computer and Video Game History
Early arcade machines, the history of home consoles, and the history of the video game.

Nintendo Inventor - Gunpei Yokoi
Gunpei Yokoi was the creator of the Game Boy and Virtual Boy and worked on Famicom (and NES), the Metroid series, Game Boy Pocket and did extensive work on the system we know today as the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Paintball history, how tree-marking tools turned into paintball guns and markers.

The History of Boardgames, Playing Cards, and Puzzles
Puzzle and card and boardgame inventions - history of bingo - the crossword puzzle was invented by Arthur Wynne - scrabble and more.

The History of Pinball
The first pinball machines appeared in the 1930s.

History of Board Games, Playing Cards, and Puzzles.
We have been keeping ourselves entertained for centuries with board games, playing cards, and puzzles. Learn the history behind our most entertaining inventions.

History of Sony Playstation
The original Playstation was designed as a multi-media and multi-purpose entertainment unit. Besides being able to play Super Nintendo games, the Playstation could play audio CDs and could read CDs with computer and video information as well.

The History of Sporting Goods
The history of sports equipment and different.

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