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Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are information that companies keep secret to give them an advantage over their competitors. The formula for Coca-Cola is the most famous trade secret.
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Trade Secret Definition Of
Short definition of a trade secret.

All About Trade Secrets
A trade secret can be a formula pattern device or other information which is used in business and gives an opportunity to obtain an advantage over competitors.

Keep a Trade Secret
How to keep your trade secrets - secret.

What is a Trade Secret - How is it Different from a Patent
While patents and copyrights require you to disclose your information in the application process (information that eventually becomes public), trade secrets require you to actively keep the information secret.

Trade Secret - Free Advice
Trade secret protection stems from the common law and dates back to the 1800's.

Uniform Trade Secrets Act
Most of the American states that have trade secret laws use the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

General Information about Trade Secrets
In the US, trade secret protection comes in part from contract law and in part from state law.

How Trade Secret Lawsuits Fail
Unlike patent, trademark and copyright infringement suits, trade secret lawsuits require the plaintiff to prove the existence of a trade secret, and that he has ownership rights to it.

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