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Wacky Weird Gadgets

Wacky patents and gadgets of an unconventional and humorous nature.
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Photo Gallery - Guinness World Records & Attempts
Sir Hugh Beaver was the inventor of the concept of Guinness World Records.

The Unappreciated Joke
The Unappreciated Joke a film by Thomas Edison

Grateful Dead - Trademarks
Famous trademarks belonging to the Grateful Dead

History of Flying Saucers - Patents for Flying Saucers
Flying saucers - yes - there are patents issued for this invention.

The Gadgets of Arthur Paul Pedrick
British eccentric, Arthur Paul Pedrick invented the oddest gadgets.

Archive Gallery: PopSci's Most Impractical Inventions
Popular Science magazine has recently opened their vaults and put a gallery together of the kookiest inventions to grace their pages. For instance in 1917, one inventor thought you just could not live without a combination piano-vacuum cleaner, adding new meaning to the phrase, "I suck at music."

Obscure Patents and Gadgets
Selected by IBM's Patent Search.

Totally Absurd
A hilarious look at goofy gadgets! Featuring a new invention each week.

Weird & Wonderful Wacky Patents
Over the years, inventors have tried to solve many of the problems of daily life. Who could forget the vital advances to the state of the art that these gadgets have brought?

Patently Absurd
Proving the point that anyone can can patent anything, UK wacky patents and gadgets.

Inspector Gadget Gizmos
This is the second installment of wacky patents, the kind of inventions that, um, take The Smoking Gun's breath away.

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