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Photo Gallery - Guinness World Records & Attempts

Sir Hugh Beaver was the inventor of the concept of Guinness World Records.


Guinness World Records is a reference book published yearly of - you guessed it - world records that includes facts like who is the oldest, tallest, shortest, or fattest, living man or woman, and every other world record imaginable.

One thousand free copies of the Guinness World Records were first published in August 1954, under the original name of The Guinness Book of Records. Compiled and edited by Norris and Ross McWhirter (owners of a London fact checking agency) who were hired by Sir Hugh Beaver, the then managing director of the Guinness Brewery.

Beaver wanted a world record reference book that could be used (among other purposes) to settle arguments and debates over trivia in pubs around the world. Apparently, Beaver had been debating in a pub what was the fastest game bird in Europe when he thought up the idea for the Guinness World Records.

The first 197-page commercial edition was bound on 27 August 1955 and was on the British bestsellers' list.

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World's Smallest Horse Visits New York CityWorld's Smallest HorseGiant Pinata Brakes Guinness World Record Giant Pinata Brakes Guinness World Records Longest Chain Of Shoes Sets Mark In Guinness World Records Longest Chain of Shoes Sets Mark in Guinness World Records HATS! The Musical Guinness Stunt Attempt at a Guinness World Records' Longest Chorus Line
Guinness World Record For Worlds Most Expensive PerfumeGuinness World Record For Worlds Most Expensive PerfumeWinner of The Guinness World Records Smallest Newspaper Winner of The Guinness World Records Smallest Newspaper Man Dragging Locomotive Sets Guinness World Record Man Dragging Locomotive Makes it into Guinness World Records World's Tallest Man Meets 73cm Short ManTallest Man by Guinness World Records
World Record Attempt To Cut Hair While SkydivingAttempt at Skydiving Haircut for Guinness World RecordsBiggest Space Hopper Bounce Successful Guinness World Records' Attempt For Biggest Space Hopper Bounce Mike Metzger Motorcycle Jump Over Fountain At Caesars Palace Longest Motorcycle Jump by Guinness World RecordsWorld's Biggest Easter EggWorld's Biggest Easter Egg by Guinness World Records
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