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Photo Gallery

Photo galleries of famous inventors and inventions.

History of the Atomic Bomb in Photos
Simply put, the Manhattan Project was committed to expediting research that would produce a viable atomic bomb.

Historical photos and drawings of Thomas Edison
Historical photos and drawings of Thomas Edison

AN Illustrated History of Photography
An illustrated tour of how photography has advanced through the ages.

Photo Gallery - History of Seismometry
Illustrated history of the innovations surrounding earthquake study.

Easter Egg Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of Easter egg patents and other Easter objects.

Patent for the Geodesic Dome - Photos of Buckminster Fuller's…
Buckminster Fuller was issued the first patent for a geodesic dome

A Gallery of Unusual Thanksgiving Day Inventions
A photo gallery of unusual thanksgiving day inventions

History of Neon Light Gallery
The French engineer chemist and inventor Georges Claude was the first person to apply an electrical discharge to a sealed tube of neon gas to create a lamp.

Photo Gallery - Kitchens and Kitchen Appliances
A photo gallery of kitchens and kitchen appliances.

Eadweard Muybridge Photo Gallery
San Francisco photographer, Eadweard Muybridge conducted motion-sequence still photographic experiments and is often called the "Father of the motion picture" even though he did not make films in the manner we know them as today.

Photo Gallery - Slot Machines
Photo gallery of slot machines including original patents.

Barbed Wire Photos
Gallery of images patents and photos of barbed wire.

Submarine Photo Gallery
Photos and drawings of historical and modern submarines

Odd Pizza Related Patents
The useful and sometimes odd things patented in the the name of pizza

Gallery of Miniature Golf Patents and Photos
Photod snf patent illustrations related to Miniature Golf

Gallery of Leonardo DaVinci Inventions
Leonardo DaVinci the renaissance man and one of the most famous artists in the world was also an incredible inventor.

Photo Gallery - Famous Toy Patents
Photo gallery of famous toys and patents.

Photo Gallery Pinball Machines
Photo gallery of pinball machines.

Gallery of historical mousetraps.
Gallery of historical mousetraps.

Famous Appliances
Photo gallery of antique appliances depicts the history of washing machines and clothes dryers.

The History of Medicine - Photo Gallery
Photo gallery and illustrations on the history of medicine

History of Television - Historical Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of historical televisions pioneers and patents

Photo Gallery of Historical Radios
Photo gallery of antique radios and radio pioneers.

Photo Gallery of Famous Airplanes
Historical aircraft - photo gallery of famous airplanes.

Photo Gallery of Famous Ear Plugs
Many ancient peoples created homemade ear plugs from clay or cotton and wax to reduce noise.

Photo Gallery of Pneumatic Tools
Photo gallery of pneumatic tools

Inventive Thinking and Creativity Gallery
A photo gallery to accompany lesson plans and activities for teaching about inventions, inventive thinking and creativity.

Native American Inventions
Photos of Native Americans inventions the totem pole - toboggan - tipi - kayak - birch bark canoe - snow shoes - lacrosse - moccasins

Antique Tractors - Photo Gallery
Photo gallery of famous antique tractors

Valentine's Day Cards
Vintage Valentine's Day cards show the history of greeting cards.

Globes and Terrain Model Maps
Miniature representations of the earth in the form of globes and terrain models have a long history

Samuel Morse - Telegraph Patent
samuel morse

Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery
Hundreds of examples of full color photomicrographs (photographs taken through a microscope) - science entertainment.

Photos and illustrations of the Wright Brothers and their airplanes.
Photos and illustrations of the Wright Brothers and their airplanes.

Photo Gallery - Guinness World Records & Attempts
Sir Hugh Beaver was the inventor of the concept of Guinness World Records.

Fireworks Images
Images of fireworks from around the world both modern and historical fireworks images

Science Videos
The lives of famous scientists and inventors depicting in an exciting series of science videos.

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