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The lives of the Wright Brothers and their invention of the airplane.


Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright, the Wright Brothers were very deliberate in their quest for flight. They spent many years learning about any earlier developments and completed detailed research of what previous inventors had done to conquer flight for humankind. They were convinced that they could build a machine that would allow them to fly like the birds.
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Wilbur WrightWilbur Wright as a ChildOrville Wright as a ChildOrville Wright as a ChildWright Brothers home at 7 Hawthorn Street, Dayton, OhioWright Brothers HomeWest Side News, 23 March 1889The Newspaper Business
Wilbur Wright working in the bicycle shop circa 1897Wilbur Wright in Bicycle ShopOrville Wright in Bicycle ShopOrville Wright in Bicycle ShopInfluenced the Wright Brothers to Study FlightWhat Influenced the Wright Brothers to Study Flight?1900 Wright Brothers' glider flying as a kite.Wright Brothers 1900 Glider
Orville Wright with the Wright Brothers 1901 glider.Wright Brothers' 1901 GliderWright Brothers - Wind TunnelWright Brothers - Wind Tunnel1902 Wright Brothers Glider Flown by Wilbur Wright1902 Wright Brothers GliderFirst successful flight of the 1903 Wright FlyerFirst Flight of a True Airplane
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